Mode Elle Reviews

Mode Elle is a top Canadian agency – based in Belleville and Kingston – representing models and actors both nationally and internationally in the fields of print, advertising, campaigns, magazine covers, editorial, commercial print, runway, TV commercials, music videos, television, and film. We are a full service model and talent agency that specializes in scouting, developing, training, promoting, booking and managing new faces as well as established models and actors.

Check out these reviews written by some of Mode Elle’s Models, Talent, Students, Graduates, and their Parents:

“Audra & Mode Elle have been there for me from the very start of my career. By “there for me”, I mean literally there visiting new agencies in foreign cities, helping me make difficult decisions and supporting me every step of the way. I have seen many young girls in the business with other agents and none have come close to the personal attention and guidance that Audra can give. She cares about all of her girls so much and would do anything to help them to be both happy and successful. My experience with Mode Elle has been professional, caring, knowledgeable and fun! I am lucky to have found myself with this wonderful agency and would recommend them to any young person with dreams of a career in modeling or television! Thank you so very much Mode Elle!”

“Truly the best experience about being involved with Mode Elle is the fact that it is an honest and honorable agency! Myself, along with many whom I have met who have been involved with Mode Elle, have come out gaining confidence, a healthy & positive perspective and a new image! We allow our inner creativity to flow more relaxed, we meet interesting people and make many new friends, but more importantly, we realize, understand and are prepared on how the modelling and talent industries work! The knowledge gained throughout the course at Mode Elle as well as in the guidance received from Mode Elle staff when we enter our new career is with true team sincerity and pure, individual caring! I could never, ever put a dollar amount on the magnificent experiences Mode Elle has helped bring into my life!”

“I am so lucky to have discovered Mode Elle! I have noticed countless changes in myself every since I got started with Mode Elle. The biggest, of course, is self-confidence. Not only have I noticed this change in myself, but many other people have complimented me as well. Throughout the course at Mode Elle, I learned many skills that I use in my everyday life. I have experienced the most surreal moments during my time at Mode Elle… meeting agents & scouts from some of the World’s top modelling agencies, participating in workshops, doing photoshoots with some of the best photographers & photography teams in Canada and meeting the most amazing people who are now friends, & who are people who I will never forget. All of the staff at Mode Elle are so great – they are fun and support everyone with everything they set their mind to. You truly couldn’t ask for anything more from an agency. Thank you all so much!”

“While meeting with Remy’s teacher at school, she said that she has never seen such a mature, confident, sweet young lady like Remy at such a young age and starting at a new school where she did not know very many people. The teacher said that Remy is very friendly, makes friends easily and has a great respect for her classmates and teachers. So, from Remy & myself, we would like to say a huge thank you to Audra, Amie and the rest of the wonderful staff & teachers at Mode Elle for teaching Remy these important life lessons!”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for everything that you have done for Chantal since she first joined at 8 years of age(four years ago). Before Chantal got started at Mode Elle, she was a painfully shy little girl. At times, in certain situations, she could be found trying to hide behind me. Things have greatly changed for her since! After hearing about Mode Elle from friends, we thought this would be a great idea for her. It has been one of the best decisions we have ever made as parents. Chantal loves Mode Elle and all of you. She has gained confidence & self-esteem and it has been amazing to watch this process. Chantal has gained confidence to try many things that I know without her experiences at Mode Elle, she would never have tried. Chantal talks about learning to be positive and I know this is a result of the many interactions she has had at Mode Elle with both staff and other models/talent as well as the many “words of wisdom” you all provide! Thank you so very much and we look forward to many more years with Mode Elle!”

“Paige’s experience with Mode Elle has been nothing but a positive one! Paige’s involvement with Mode Elle has not only enhanced her overall confidence, maturity and personality, but Paige has fun too! Mode Elle creates a camaraderie amongst the models & talent rather than a competitive one. As a parent new to the industry, I appreciate that Mode Elle works with professional photography teams that realize these are young people with little to no experience when they are first starting out and make further effort to guide them and make their experiences positive. Audra, Amie & Nicole are always available with answers to our questions and positive encouragement.”

“Since becoming involved with Mode Elle, I have become more self-confident and sure of my capabilities. I have gained more knowledge and insight into the modelling and fashion world. I would like to say “Thank You’ to Audra, Amie & Nicole for the genuine interest in all of the models, talent and students. Clearly, they want to see all of us succeed! Personally, they have assisted in heightening that belief in me, that there’s really nothing impossible for the willing mind, regardless of where one is at, at any point in one’s life!”

“We have noticed that Jacob’s confidence, personality and maturity level have improved immensely, giving others the impression that he is older than his actual age since becoming involved with Mode Elle. Jacob has gained many life experiences in a short time with many more to come. I recommend anyone who would like to see any improvement with their child’s overall performance in life to join this team! The staff at Mode Elle treats everyone like family, the education and opportunities they provide are something each individual will remember and talk about for life.”

“Jordyn’s confidence and self-esteem that she has gained since getting involved with Mode Elle are unbelievable for someone her age! Photographers and clients that we have worked with all comment on Jordyn’s naturalness, her free-spirit as well as her ability to take direction well. Jordyn has come so far and experienced so much since getting started thanks to Mode Elle’s courses, workshops, photoshoots, fashion shows, by attending CMTC as well as from Audra & Amie’s expertise and much-valued guidance. We are so proud of what Jordyn has accomplished and look forward to what the future holds for her!”

“My experience with Mode Elle has been nothing less than amazing! From the moment I walked into Mode Elle Audra, Amie & Nicole have been there for me. They have had faith in me and all of their friendly & loving personalities make it easy for me to talk to them and be comfortable! I have learned so much, not only about the modelling & fashion industry, but about myself. I see myself as a beautiful and confident person now. Things about myself that I once considered flaws, I now see as unique features who make me who I am! This is all because of Mode Elle and I thank them from the bottom of my heart! I am thrilled to see what the future holds for me!”

“We want to start out by saying thank you for all that you do! Each & everyone member of the Mode Elle team has played a big part in Jahlina’s success with Mode Elle. We discovered Mode Elle at the Northumberland Mall in Cobourg and we knew that Mode Elle was the right agency for Jahlina after our personal interview with Audra! Since participating in the course at Mode Elle and in shoots at Mode Elle, Jahlina has matured, has more self-confidence and is very interested in pursuing a future within the modelling and the fashion industry. A warm thank you to Mode Elle for their deep dedication to their students, models & actors!”

“I have noticed a big change in myself since becoming involved with Mode Elle, especially the ability to present “me” to the outside world and not just to my close family and friends. The most important thing that I have gained is self-confidence.”

“Our daughter has become much more expressive in nature and is willing to share her opinion not only with us, but with others. Ariel has opened herself to new possibilities and allowed herself to take chances that she normally would not have. I believe that the most important lesson Ariel has learned from her time at Mode Elle is perseverance. Ariel has grown as a young woman and clearly understands that by working hard and keeping focused, she can be anyone she wants to be!”

“Before my children started with Mode Elle, they were both extremely shy even with a small group of peers. Now they are both thriving! Both Mya & Julian are now interested in participating in fashion shows, doing TV commercials and will talk to almost anyone now! I am so happy that my children had this experience with Mode Elle, it has helped them both open up and blossom! It was really wonderful to see our friends & family noticing a difference in them! I am so grateful to the staff and teachers of Mode Elle for making that happen! They really cared for my children and helped them overcome their shyness.”

“I would like to send a HUGE Thank You to the entire staff at Mode Elle! It has been an amazing experience so far! Mode Elle has helped me overcome my shyness and become more confident in myself.Being involved with Mode Elle has been a great and fun experience!”

“Everything I have participated in since getting started with Mode Elle has been so valuable and enjoyable! I have met so many great people and while taking the course & being involved with Mode Elle, I have learned so much about myself. I am so happy and lucky to have discovered Mode Elle!”

“From the minute my daughter & I met with Audra, we knew that if anyone could help Emma achieve her goals in the fashion industry, it was Mode Elle! Audra & the staff at Mode Elle are extremely professional, kind and are truly interested in helping people realize their dreams! Emma has learned a great deal about herself as well as the industry throughout her course at Mode Elle – perhaps the best lessons that Emma has learned is the importance of perseverance and to always follow your dreams, not only in modelling or acting but in everything that you do! Emma has been provided with skills, confidence and life lessons throughout her time with Mode Elle. We are so grateful and consider ourselves very fortunate to have been referred to Mode Elle – we are certain that Mode Elle is one of a kind! At Mode Elle, we are not just faces – we are people that Audra & the Mode Elle staff really care about!”

“I have had such an amazing time with Mode Elle! I used to be very shy, but now I am so much more confident and not afraid to talk to people. Mode Elle is a great opportunity to learn about acting, modelling as well as gaining self-esteem and self-confidence!”

“I learned so much while participating in the Professional Modelling, Acting & Image / Self-Enhancement Course here at Mode Elle about the industry itself and skills required of me in the industry, but the learning hasn’t stopped there! I love that Mode Elle continuously provides support from the very beginning, when first starting the course, to signing with an agency and even beyond that – the Mode Elle Staff are always there to answer my questions, provide opinions, and make suggestions to help me improve while I make the most of my experiences with Mode Elle! I continue to learn new things, meet new people, and I have lots of fun doing it! All while working towards my goal of becoming the best that I can be, both personally and professionally! I am thankful that Mode Elle is with me every step of the way!”

“We have had so much fun since getting started with Mode Elle and have met many great people! My husband first signed Liam up for the course here at Mode Elle and I really wasn’t sure what we were getting into as we were always so involved with hockey! But once we started attending the classes and had the opportunity to meet other families (who are now friends!), participating in fashion shows and attended CMTC, I realized that this was a wonderful opportunity! This truly was and is a great experience that I am really glad we got involved with! Now, both of our sons are involved and love attending auditions & getting jobs!”

“The most important thing I have learned and gained since starting with Mode Elle, is how to carry and present myself with confidence. I have really noticed an unbelievable change in myself since getting started with Mode Elle! Everyday I use skills that I learned at Mode Elle and everyday I am glad that I have had the opportunity to learn from the staff at Mode Elle! Audra, Amie and the rest of the Mode Elle Staff are some of the most amazing people that I have ever been blessed to work with and know!”

“Thank you so much for your direction and advice! Being part of Mode Elle has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I feel very honored and proud for all of the opportunities that I have had and will have! Thank you for teaching me that “Winners never quit and quitters never win!”

“Since being involved with Mode Elle, I have learned that modelling or anything in life takes passion and hard work! It’s not all about your image, but your personality and inner beauty are just as important. Mode Elle has filled me with confidence and is a place full of positive energy and endless opportunities!”

“Since getting started with Mode Elle, I feel much more confident in myself. I have met a lot of great people at Mode Elle, learned a lot of exciting things and in this short time I have been involved with Mode Elle, I have a lot of great memories!”

“Mode Elle has been the best! Audra & the Staff have helped Declan and Carley in every way possible. From going to CMTC, to helping us sign with an agent in Toronto, the journey has been terrific! They always go above and beyond our expectations. Thank you Mode Elle!!”

“Since taking the course at Mode Elle, my friends and family have told me that I seem much less shy and have a greatly improved self-esteem. I used to be incredibly shy and thought very little of myself but after taking the course, I was able to see myself in a different light and appreciate what I have and what I don’t – both physically and personality-wise. Being involved with Mode Elle has been wonderful and I have found some great friends and have had incredible opportunities made available to me that I would never have thought possible! I hope to have continuing involvement with Mode Elle for years to come!”

“I now have the confidence to do what I love, to feel comfortable with myself and I have finally stopped constantly worrying about what people think of me. I have learned so many new skills and I now know how to truly make my talent shine!! Everyone at Mode Elle is so supportive, understanding, helpful and nice!”

“Mode Elle has given both Colin & Jade an experience that was not found in hockey or dance. They have been able to explore themselves as well as to find courage and perform at their best. They work very hard at being the best they can be and they love the challenge!”

“I can’t thank the staff at Mode Elle enough for the amount of time and support they put into making the models, actors, graduates & students look and feel fabulous! The Staff are all so knowledgeable about the industry and give the models / actors the determination and drive to want to be successful! Kudos to you!!”

“I just wanted to put into words a big thank you for the opportunities that you have given me. The Professional Modelling, Acting & Image / Self-Enhancement Course has given me the chance to look at myself and to venture out of my comfort zone. Achieving this has given me more confidence and has let me try things that I may have not been 100% sure I would do well at. It has been a great opportunity, one that I greatly appreciate. The instructors that I had for the duration of my course were excellent teachers and mentors…. One thing that I must underline is that your cast of teachers is wonderful. There is nothing like learning from a group of skilled, happy people who enjoy what they do and share that confidence and strength with their students! I enjoyed the course and all I learned from it and at the same time, I got a great deal of joy watching my fellow students, some of whom, very timid, young and uncertain, tackle challenges, develop great confidence and blossom… Though my course at Mode Elle is over, I am hoping that is not all over! I am looking forward to trying new things and new experiences through Mode Elle. Audra & Amie, you are both extremely patient and dedicated ladies… I have nothing but positive feedback and experiences throughout the course and dealing with everyone at Mode Elle!”

“Since getting started with Mode Elle, Rebecca has learned so much and everyone is noticing a difference! At her Grade 8 Graduation, there was a marked difference between her and the other girls as they walked onstage. Several people have remarked that she seems to have more poise and confidence. Thank you and your staff for sharing your knowledge and expertise.”

“Thank you for believing in me and seeing that I had potential to really succeed in this industry. Without you, my dream may only have been that – a dream! Mode Elle has helped me realize that anything is possible! Thank you for your guidance!!”

“I just wanted to write a quick note to you to tell you how thankful I am for everything you have done for me. I have learned and experienced so many wonderful things through Mode Elle. I have gained self-confidence and self-worth from my modelling career. I also believe that this has taught me patience and understanding, and I am a better person because of it. Thank you for taking a chance on me, encouraging me when I was discouraged and most of all, for believing in me. This has been an experience of a lifetime and I owe it all to the two of you!”

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of the opportunities you have given me. Since starting with Mode Elle, I have realized just how hard you and Amie work and as a Mode Elle Model, thank you so much for all of the effort you have both put into me and my future! Thank you so much for everything!!”

“I just wanted to send a special thanks to the both of you for all of the hard work and commitment that you have put into me and my modelling career in order to ensure my success. It is highly appreciated because if I did not come across Mode Elle, then I highly doubt I would be where I am today. I am so happy that I have been blessed with the chance to travel the world. The whole thing is most impressive and quite remarkable. Thank you for inspiring me and giving such wonderful opportunities to all of these beautiful people, including myself!”

Tammy was involved with Mode Elle back in 1992…
“Wow! This one has been a long time in the works! So many times I have planned to stop by or write and never managed to actually accomplish that! … I had to let you know however, that I think of you often and greatly appreciate all of the hard work, time, caring and patience that you dedicated to me. Be reassured that the knowledge of the skills and lessons you teach are used and appreciated everyday and that your students look back upon their time at Mode Elle with great fondness and hold their educator in the highest esteem. In life there are only a few people who hold the ability to motivate and influence those they come into contact with. You have given and continue to give so much hope for dreams previously unimagined and the tools to achieve those dreams!” (Hometown: Stirling, ON ~ graduated with Honours in Civil Engineering from Ryerson in 1998, now working for Can Nuke Technologies, Nuclear Engineering, Pickering).

“To Audra, Amie & Mode Elle Staff: We would just like to take a moment and let you know how important Mode Elle has been to us. Our involvement with this company has been more than interesting! It has been a positive experience from the start. Both myself, Brad & Shayne would like to first thank all of you. Your positive attitudes and professional ways have been well appreciated. Whenever we have a problem or a question, the staff, no matter who it is, is always willing to help or find us the help we need. Being a part of Mode Elle has been positive aspect in our lives. It has taught us to be patient and work together. It is something that we can share as a family and a positive part of our lives that we can put in our family memories. The boys have learned to appreciate what opportunities are ahead of them and if they put themselves out there, the outcome will be only what they make of it. They have learned so many things from the classes; from self image to wardrobe, to acting, to being themselves, these are all things that they will need in life, not just the modelling or acting world. Even if they don’t become big stars or land that utmost important commercial, they have learned to like themselves, be confident and work hard for what you want in life. In the past we have put a lot of money into hockey, sports and have always told the boys to be happy, have fun and like yourself first for who you are, not what people want you to be. Mode Elle has taught us that.”