Do you have a cute kid? Does your child have a big personality? Does he or she love to be in front of the camera? Does your child love fashion or have a desire to be on TV? If so, our Children’s Course offers a welcoming and fun environment for kids to explore the exciting world of modelling and acting.

Mode Elle is certified with the Federal Government of Canada as a Private Educational Institution with Employment and Social Development Canada.


Self-Image and Personal Development

  • Developing confidence
  • Projecting positive body language
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Social graces and etiquette

  • Photomovement and expressions
  • Building your portfolio
  • Commercial print
  • Working with products and props

  • The model’s walk
  • Posture and poise
  • Turns and techniques
  • Interaction and choreography

  • The audition process
  • Script and scene study
  • Improv
  • On-camera training and techniques


Mode Elle’s Children’s Course gives young people the opportunity to find out if they want to work in the modelling and entertainment industries. More importantly, however, our course teaches a variety of skills and traits that benefit students in other areas of their lives:

  • Confidence: The high pressure of performing in front of an audience or camera is an excellent way of helping even naturally shy people overcome their self-consciousness.
  • Public Speaking: Acting and commercial modelling requires people speak clearly and eloquently while delivering convincing, persuasive, and believable dialogue. These same skills are heavily utilized in public speaking engagements.
  • Teamwork: Through rehearsals, performances, and class exercises, acting requires the ability to collaborate with others and work as a team. After all, “acting is reacting” – it requires you to convincingly respond to the environment, and most importantly, the other people around you.
  • Poise: Actors’ and models’ bodies must align with the story emotions they are trying to convey. Consequently, acting and modelling classes teach students to become more aware of their bodies, posture, and physical presence. This kind of awareness soon becomes second nature, allowing students to exude grace, confidence, and poise in their everyday lives.
  • Conversation: Acting and commercial modelling lessons train students in building suspense, perfect verbal timing, and displaying emotion through voice and facial expression. These skills can make students better communicators and conversationalists.
  • Understanding Viewpoints: Acting and commercial modelling requires you to adopt the persona and characteristics of the role you are playing. In order to effectively tell a story or sell a product, you must understand the feelings, viewpoints, and personality traits of your character. As such, acting and modelling students also learn how to “step into the shoes” of other people in their everyday lives.

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