With over 25 years of model and talent development experience, Mode Elle excels at teaching new faces what it takes to be successful. Mode Elle’s professional modelling course offers a positive and fun environment for new faces who are interested in exploring the world of fashion and commercial modelling. The course is 18 classes, divided into four units: (1) imaging and business, (2) runway, (3) photography, and (4) acting. Classes are held one evening per week.

Our instructors are highly qualified in their areas of expertise, including runway, photomovement, acting, auditioning techniques, grooming, make-up artistry, and imaging. At the end of the course, students will complete a written and practical exam to ensure that they have learned the skills to navigate the challenging and exciting world of modelling!

Mode Elle is certified with the Federal Government of Canada as a Private Educational Institution with Employment and Social Development Canada.


We represent fashion models and commercial models. Fashion models are often required to meet very specific physical requirements. That being said, diversity is becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry because advertisers, magazines, and designers are trying to appeal to customers of all sizes, shapes, looks, and ethnicities. In contrast, commercial models do not have to have a specific look or be a certain height or size in order to succeed. The look is based solely on what the client envisions for the advertisement. As such, many successful commercial models look like real, everyday people.

You are invited to contact Mode Elle to set up a free personal appointment with one of our agents. At the appointment, new faces will learn more about how to get started in the industry. Our experienced staff will assess your potential to be marketed as a fashion or commercial model. If we are interested in working with you, we will assist you in developing your potential.

Judging an individual’s potential for success can be difficult in this field. We often find that confidence, charisma, and a strong work ethic are better predictors of success than outright good looks; this is because, while looks are important, your personality is what casting directors will remember about you. And this is also why training is so important. You want to enter the casting room as a confident professional, not a nervous amateur.



Imaging and Personal Development

  • Developing self-esteem and confidence
  • Social graces and etiquette
  • Walking, posture, and poise
  • Social media and branding
Beauty and Wardrobe

  • Skin, hair, hand, and nail care
  • Health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness
  • Makeup application technique and trends
  • Coordinating wardrobe and accessories

  • The model’s walk
  • Runway markets
  • Turns and technique
  • Interaction and choreography
Photography and Photomovement

  • Fashion photography
  • Commercial print
  • Building your portfolio
  • Posing and expressions

  • The audition process
  • Improv
  • TV commercials and music videos
  • Cold reading and monologues


The first step of any career, sports, or artistic endeavor is training. You wouldn’t, for example, put on hockey skates for the first time and try out for the NHL or toe shoes and try out for the National Ballet of Canada. Well, this same principle holds true for the modelling industry; you shouldn’t walk into a go-see or audition for the first time and expect to get booked if you have never had training or experience. Modelling is a competitive industry and in order to be marketable to top clients and brands, you need to treat modelling like a business. When entering the industry, you also need to be patient, persistent, and prepare to work hard. Top clients only want to hire polished and educated models that know what they are doing on set and know what is expected of them. Clients are not coaches. If you want to be successful in fashion or commercial modelling, your first step is training.

When you are first starting out, you will be competing against working and established models and talent who have years of experience under their belts. Taking a course is a good way to build skills, self-confidence, poise, character, professionalism, and develop an understanding of how the modelling and acting industries work; this kind of training will level the playing field and allow you to be competitive and enter the industry without making mistakes.


We don’t just teach modelling skills at Mode Elle. We teach life skills. As a student at Mode Elle, you will develop skills and traits that will allow you to put your best foot forward at school, work, or anywhere else life may take you. These skills and traits include:

  • Confidence: The high pressure of performing in front of an audience or camera is an excellent way of helping even naturally shy people overcome their self-consciousness.
  • Public Speaking: Modelling, particularly commercial modelling, requires people to speak clearly and eloquently while delivering convincing, persuasive, and believable dialogue. These same skills are heavily utilized in public speaking engagements.
  • Teamwork: Through rehearsals, performances, and class exercises, modelling at Mode Elle requires the ability to collaborate with others and work as a team.
  • Poise: Models’ bodies must align with the story and emotions they are trying to convey. Consequently, modelling classes teach students to become more aware of their bodies, posture, and physical presence. This kind of awareness soon becomes second nature, allowing students to exude grace, confidence, and poise in their everyday lives.
  • Conversation: Commercial modelling lessons train students in building suspense, perfect verbal timing, and displaying emotion through voice and facial expression. These skills can make students better communicators and conversationalists.
  • Understanding Viewpoints: Commercial modelling requires you to adopt the persona and characteristics of the role you are playing. In order to effectively tell a story or sell a product, you must understand the feelings, viewpoints, and personality traits of your character. As such, modelling students also learn how to “step into the shoes” of other people in their everyday lives.

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