When you get started in the industry, you want to have high-quality images to showcase your potential to clients and casting directors. To compete with the best, you want to work with the best. Mode Elle arranges opportunities for our models and actors to be photographed by top Toronto photography teams. The photography teams that travel to Mode Elle are the same photographers and stylists that work for top fashion magazines, ad campaigns, and catalogues including Fashion, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Hudson’s Bay, Winners, Puma, Nike, Holt Renfrew, and Guess. They have also appeared on Canada’s Next Top Model, Canadian Idol, and have worked with celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Tom Hanks, Rachel McAdams, Vin Diesel, Kat Von D, 50 Cent, The Pussycat Dolls, John Cusack, Drake, and many more!

Photoshoots at Mode Elle are optional and are not required unless you are interested in obtaining work or securing representation as a model or actor.


The purpose of a model’s portfolio is not just simply to show that you have a marketable look – it is to show your ability to portray different characters, age ranges, and most importantly, personality and skill. It also shows clients that you are confident and comfortable in front of the camera.

The goal of a great portfolio is not to simply fill it up with a bunch of photos. A model’s portfolio should tell a story about who the model is and portray his or her brand. Don’t expect to shoot with one photographer, fill up your portfolio, and be done. A model’s portfolio is a work in progress. It is never finished and is always changing because fashion is always changing. Shoot with as many photographers as you can so you can take advantage of the different styles each photographer possesses; this will also give you experience working with a variety of teams. With every photoshoot, your skills will improve, and so will your images!


The talent headshot is the most important marketing tool for an actor or commercial model. When a casting director is searching for talent to audition or book, they begin by looking at a collection of headshots. When your headshot appears on the casting director’s computer, you want them to say, “yes, bring that person in,” not “yikes, that’s a terrible picture!” In other words, if you want people to take you seriously, you’ll need a high quality headshot taken by a professional. Not a picture taken on a cellphone, not a Facebook profile photo, not a picture that your wannabe photographer friend took, and not a glamour shot that doesn’t even look like you.

Always remember, your audition begins the moment you walk into the casting room, but a bad headshot may prevent you from getting into that room in the first place.


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