Audra and Mode Elle have been there for me from the very start of my career. By “there for me,” I mean literally there visiting new agencies in foreign cities, helping me make difficult decisions, and supporting me every step of the way. I have seen many young girls in the business with other agents and none have come close to the personal attention and guidance that Audra can give. She cares about all of her girls so much and would do anything to help them be happy and successful. My experience with Mode Elle has been professional, caring, knowledgeable, and fun! I am lucky to have found myself with this wonderful agency and would recommend them to any young person with dreams of a career in modeling or television! Thank you so very much, Mode Elle!

Liisa Winkler


I have been with Mode Elle for almost fifteen years and recently joined their Anderson Talent acting division. I took the professional modelling course when I was in high school and loved every minute of it! When I was nineteen, I secured a modelling contract in Cape Town, South Africa where I worked for six years in the areas of print, runway, catalog, and TV commercials as well as a couple of small parts in movies. I continue to attend auditions on a weekly basis in Toronto and have landed many TV commercials for brands such as Brita and Mucho Burrito. I have learned so much during my time with Mode Elle and would recommend this agency to anyone who is serious about getting into the industry. I hope to continue working with them for many years to come.

Erin Wilkinson


We started our daughter with Mode Elle five years ago when she was four years old. She said she wanted to be on TV,  so we thought she would love to participate in Mode Elle’s self-development course (which, by the way, was fantastic). Our experience with Mode Elle has been amazing. Our daughter has broken into the industry with a bang! She has been in the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past; ads for Marshalls Canada, Rogers MasterCard, Indigo/Chapters, and President’s Choice; and TV commercials for Gearshift and Spin Master toys. We owe her success to her phenomenal agent, Audra Anderson, and her extraordinary staff.

Angela Bone


Audra is like a second mother to me. Her and Mode Elle have helped me grow professionally and personally. Not long after starting the professional course, Audra helped launch my modelling career by placing me with Elite Model Management. She also helped me secure a two-month modelling contract with Bravo Models in Tokyo, Japan. After returning from Japan, Audra took me to New York to meet with all of the top agencies and secured a contract for me with Women Management. I could never express how grateful I am!

Elizabeth Thompson


Mode Elle has been a huge part of my growth as a model and as an individual. This agency cares for all of its members and truly shows the nature of hard work, determination, and perseverance. Audra and her amazing team help to enhance the inner beauty we all have and encourage everyone to use their gifts and uniqueness to make significant contributions to society. The skills learned from Mode Elle will forever be integrated into my life throughout all of my experiences and endeavors. As Audra herself would say, “Success does not happen overnight.” Mode Elle teaches people the fundamentals of patience which in turn help with prosperity. Thank you, Audra and the Mode Elle team, for believing that anything is possible. I’m looking forward to developing my career with such a great agency!

Sandy Onuah


I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Mode Elle for everything you have done for Chantal since she first joined at eight years of age. Before Chantal got started at Mode Elle, she was a painfully shy little girl. At times, in certain situations, she could be found trying to hide behind me. After hearing about Mode Elle from friends, we thought this would be a great opportunity for her. It has been one of the best decisions we have ever made as parents. Things have greatly changed for her since then! She has gained confidence and self-esteem, and it has been amazing to watch this process. Chantal has gained confidence to try many things that I know, without her experiences at Mode Elle, she would never have tried. Chantal talks about learning to be positive and I know this is a result of the many interactions she has had at Mode Elle with both staff and other models/talent as well as the many words of wisdom you all provide! We look forward to many more years with Mode Elle!

Marion Nadeau


I first started with Mode Elle in 2013 when I participated in one of their courses. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had and I am so happy that I found Mode Elle! They built my confidence and taught me all of the necessary skills to pursue a career in modelling! After taking a break, I am finally active with Mode Elle again. I met with Audra and her amazing team and, just after a couple of months, they have given me the opportunity to participate in a photoshoot to build my portfolio and are promoting me internationally! She is a wonderful agent and the rest of her staff are just one of the reasons why you should choose Mode Elle to represent you. They treat you just like family. I can’t wait to see what my future holds with Mode Elle!

Raychel Sherk


I started with Mode Elle as a young child with an interest in fashion and the performing arts. I continued with Mode Elle throughout my school years, and have participated in many workshops with top fashion and talent industry professionals; this has given me valuable insight on how to succeed in the world of modelling, television, and film. Ten years later, Mode Elle has changed my life. It helped foster my creativity and has given me a professional and encouraging environment to grow into a confident young adult. Mode Elle is a diverse and supportive community that I am so proud to be a part of! I am continually thankful for the opportunities, education, and exposure with the industry’s best!

Leah Hamilton


We started our daughter with Mode Elle when she was four because she seemed to be overly shy in unfamiliar situations and interactions. We thought that Mode Elle might help our daughter develop confidence in herself. Over the years, our daughter has participated in children’s development classes, drop-in runway classes, preparatory workshops for CMTC, and fashion shows at the Cataraqui Centre. She has also auditioned for print work, TV commercials, and a pilot series. All of these experiences have helped our daughter tremendously in her personal and professional development. Her self-esteem and self-worth have improved. As a result, she is now able to present herself and communicate more effectively. There is no doubt that Mode Elle has helped her develop key skills that will serve her well in any profession she chooses. This would not have been possible without the professional and hard-working team at Mode Elle. They go above and beyond to assist, instruct, and create opportunities for people like my daughter. I highly recommend Mode Elle if your child is interested in a creative, fun, and unique experience with a professional team. Thank you!

Tina Guenther


Our son, Cole, has been with Mode Elle for a few years now. I can honestly say that he has become more confident, graceful, and poised since joining the agency. The course he took instilled manners, poise, and grace in his little body and taught him how to be professional and kind. He works with amazing directors, talented crew, and has been blessed to be chosen to participate in many fashion shows and TV commercials. The exposure he gets from Mode Elle is second to none, and all the staff are courteous, professional, and caring. They communicate extremely well and are always available when we need them. The course fee was reasonable, as was the fee to work with top-notch photographers to build Cole’s portfolio. We believe Mode Elle to be the top agency in Canada, and we are thrilled our son is represented by such an ethical company. Kudos, Mrs. Anderson, you have built a wonderful company with a longstanding reputation that does not lie. You are the go-to modelling agency for anyone who wants to be in this line of work!

Alan White


I enrolled our daughter in Mode Elle’s professional modelling and personal development course as a way to boost her confidence before she hit her teenage years. Mode Elle far surpassed our expectations. Our daughter has participated in multiple fashion shows and photoshoots. She speaks for herself, and with confidence, to the adults that she works alongside. She understands the importance of being on time when working with professionals. And she is comfortable walking the runway in front of a crowd of hundreds. I highly recommend this course and this agency. Audra and her team are a delight to work with!

Lori Parris


Mode Elle has had a very positive impact on my confidence and self-esteem over the many years that I have been with them. Audra and her team have always been supportive of me with any goal that I set out to accomplish. With their help, I have been published in both print and online magazines, wedding blogs, lookbooks, and the cover of a couple of romance novels. Recently, Audra and her team helped me sign with a great Montreal modelling agency and Iā€™m excited for the new adventures that will arise from this opportunity!
Leah Green


The best part about being involved with Mode Elle is the fact that it is an honest and honorable agency! Those involved with Mode Elle come out gaining confidence, a healthy and positive perspective, and a new image! We allow our inner creativity flow in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, we meet interesting people, and make many new friends. Our training, along with the honest and sincere guidance of Mode Elle’s staff, prepares us for the realities of working in the modelling and entertainment industries. I could never, ever put a dollar amount on the magnificent experiences Mode Elle has helped bring into my life!

Nicki Dafoe


Mode Elle is a great agency for talent of all ages. Audra and her team know the industry and have been nothing but helpful and professional since I joined. Anderson Talent Management has helped me grow into the industry-experienced actor that I am today. Love you guys!

Taylor Adams