Mode Elle

Now celebrating 30 years in the model/talent industry, Mode Elle is a top Canadian agency representing models and actors both nationally and internationally in the fields of catalog, editorial, runway, commercial print advertising, film, and television.

Mode Elle Model and Talent is comprised of two branches:

  1. The Agency
  2. The Academy

The Agency

Mode Elle is a full-service agency that works with men, women, teens, tweens, and children of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Mode Elle specializes in scouting, developing, training, promoting, and booking jobs for models and actors.

The Academy

The Mode Elle Academy offers excellent training and resources for those who are looking to learn about what it takes to become a model and/or actor. The classes are open to everyone, whether they are looking to start their career, build confidence, or learn something new and have fun!


Who We Represent 

  • Fashion Models: Designers and top brands dictate sample sizes in the luxury fashion industry. As a result, fashion models must meet specific age, height, and measurement requirements. These models frequently appear on the covers of and within the pages of fashion magazines for high-end designers and brands. They also appear in advertising campaigns and on on the runway during international fashion weeks.
  • Commercial Models: In this category of modelling, advertisers and brands are looking for someone that the “everyday consumer” can relate to. In other words, looks vary considerably among commercial models; they can be any age, shape, size, or height. What all commercial models share, however, is the personality and ability to play different characters. These models appear in ads, packaging, billboards, magazines, and television commercials for various products and services.
  • Actors: Actors aim for roles in television and film. Although actors can come in all looks, shapes, and sizes, they must have the personality and ability to show a wide range of emotions and expressions. Acting and commercial modelling are not mutually exclusive categories; many actors are also commercial print models.